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Come Learn About Bella Membership at our 2020 Pinning Ceremony & Wine Party

January 10, 2020


7:00 pm

10:00 pm

Where do Women of Color, especially Black Women, go when they can’t take it any longer?

College and Universities don’t prepare women of color for overcoming micro-aggression, impostor syndrome or biases.

Year after year we let the inequalities we face at work be a surprise to each generation as we progress up the ladder through different stages of professional responsibility. There are paths we can take, and best practices we can apply if we just knew them.

We need a care package with the tools we need to survive in a workplace that isn’t designed for us to advance and thrive.

Success isn’t a solo sport.

Your background will only get you so far. We must build and leverage our networks, help promote our peers and mentors so they are positioned to pull us up as they climb.

So, where do Women of Color go to get the support, acknowledgement and tools they need to succeed while dealing with the “isms” (systematic racism, sexism and narcissism)?

Our challenges are different. We need different answers and tools.

Registration required:

Bella Members = FREE

Non-Members = $25 (applied towards 2020 membership, if paid in full by January 31, 2020)

Membership fee = $200

(We suggest you pay the non-member rate and pay the remainder on January 10th to reduce your fee charges.)

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