Behind Every Successful Woman

Is A Tribe of Other Successful Women Who Have Her Back
As a Bella, networking isn’t just professional chatter for a few hours. We build relationships that enrich our professional lives. We know that performance isn’t enough. We need people who trust us; they believe in our professional judgment and know our professional value proposition.

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A Beautiful Synergy of Women

Professional Women’s Leadership Conference

Conference 2024

The Bella Network Annual Women’s Leadership Conference GOAL is to empower Black women to reach the next level.

We offer insightful, engaging, and highly collaborative leadership transformational events to educate Black women on overcoming micro-inequities, microaggressions, racism, and sexism.

Our participants come from various industries, levels of experience, and sectors to facilitate knowledge sharing, collaboration, partnership, and innovation.

That is what A Beautiful Synergy is all about!

We bring you a host of successful Businesswomen and Entrepreneurs to offer best practices and tools for success.

There is no reason why Black women must each walk alone as we seek out success.

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