What’s A Bella Like?

Our Community of Women

The Bella Network is a sanctuary for successful Black and Brown career women and business owners, as well as a resource to enrich each other’s growth to the next level as we scale.  Members are passionately supportive of each other, accountable to each other and honor confidentiality.  Bella’s are focused on finding opportunities to connect, share wisdom, inspire, learn, celebrate and create a stress-free professional environment that’s fun.

Membership Criteria

Women, Supporters and Allies:

  • Running for-profit and non-for-profit businesses
  • Corporate career women
  • Community leaders
  • Women with a desire to transition form corporate to entrepreneurship
  • Women who are responsible for educating our future leaders
  • Women who have transitioned into retirement

What we all have in common is that we are committed to advancing Black and Brown women in businesses and their careers through partnerships, collaboration, mentoring and knowledge sharing.  We want to move away from solo-entrepreneurs and create thieving business that support employees.  We want career opportunities that position more Black and Brown women to take on executive leadership responsibilities. 

Our members must include recognized leaders within companies, industries, and communities to provide their voice on how to overcome racial and gender based landmines.  Our members display the qualities of a leader even when they  don’t have the formal title and we need best practices and perspectives from all levels. Our members are focused on elevating Black and Brown women to lead and expand in business globally.

Core Values and Shared Beliefs

Trust & Support

  • We value the relationships we build with one another
  • We honor confidentiality
  • We create a safe environment to share, learn and grow
  • We are welcoming and strive to engage all members

Grow & Inspire

  • We gain wisdom and inspiration from each other
  • We learn from each other’s perspectives and experiences with a teachable spirt
  • We willingly open doors for one another

Foster & Advance

  • We sponsor future women business leaders
  • We advance women in business
  • We give back to future generations through educational and mentoring programs

Celebrate & Engage

  • We are grateful for the experiences we share together
  • We enjoy spending time in one-of-a kind experiences
  • We make engaging professionally through collaboration and advocacy a priority

Peer Community & Empowerment

  • We greatly value our peer community, especially during periods of transition
  • We believe it is a priority to take care of our members
  • We engage members through all their career and life stages
  • We are a life-long membership organization

Exclusivity of Member Criteria

  • We value responsibility, accountability, and performances as an important criterion to create a community of peers
  • We value the intentional balances of entrepreneurs and corporate members

Changing the Face of Business Leadership

  • We make an impact on the future of women leaders in business
  • We multiply our impact through collaborations
  • We are known for our expertize in business
  • We are looked to as role models for the success of women in business