Alisha White Madison

Founder and CEO

Alisha White Madison

CEO, Founder, Facilitator, Program Manager and Business Consultant

Aerospace Executive, Process Improvement Consultant with Six Sigma certification. Dale Carnegie Black Belt, Professional Facilitator,  Speaker and Franklin Covey certified trainer on Driving Customer Value.

Women of Color Magazine’s 2017 Educational Leaders Awardee demonstrating an exemplary commitment to enhancing the opportunities for minorities in technology careers by promoting scientific and technological education programs.

Diversity Professional  Magazine’s 2017 Women of Excellence – Game Changer Award for the impact that The Bella Network is having on the existing course of underrepresented professional and entrepreneurial women by transforming how they collaborate, support, and advocate for each other’s success.

2018 Black Business Association Salute to Black Women’s Entrepreneur Excellence Awardee for her work with The Bella Network and her impact on black career women and entrepreneurs.

2018 Ladies Operating Very Effectively (L.O.V.E.) Sisterhood Awardee for the work that she is doing on behalf of building a strong sisterhood within her community.

2019 Professional Instructor Awardee for the work that she is doing on coaching and mentoring career women.

Aerospace Executive, Process Improvement Consultant, Facilitator, Speaker and Franklin Covey certified trainer

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