Forget a Vision Board, Create a Career Board

Forget a Vision Board, Create a Career Board

Forget a Vision Board, Create a Career Board

If you have read the book The Secret, you are aware of the power of visualizing your goals. The practice of visualization is one of the most powerful tools you can master in your life, which extends to your career. Creating a vision board helps clarify what you want to accomplish in actionable steps, concentrate your endeavors towards actions that will align with your desired outcome, and help you intentionally maintain focus to use your time wisely. 

What Is A Vision Board?

A vision board is a board on which you place images or sayings representing what you want to achieve. For example, most people assemble a collection of photographic magazine images, mottos, or affirmations, that reflect your aspirations. When you surround yourself with visual reminders that represent your vision of success and dreams for the future, there’s a higher chance that you’ll arrive at your desired destination. 

Why Do Vision Boards Work?

When you are continuously reminded of what you want, you are more inclined to find the pathways to achieve those things. Visualizing your desires helps you unlock your power to bring them to fruition. 

What Is A Vision Board versus a Career Board?

A career board is a board that leverages photos and messages that align your focus on meeting your career aspirations and development to achieve your desired career performance and development outcome.

The Benefits Of Career Boards

Stay Motivated:

Provide a physical reminder of what you want to achieve. For example, looking at the board helps you stay motivated.

Inspire Creativity:

Intentionally determine creative solutions that lead you to where you want to go (relationships, development, time management, etc.). 

See What You Want:

Have you ever thought you wanted something only to find out you weren’t willing to pay what it cost? So many people declare they want to be the “BOSS,” yet they don’t like doing what bosses do.

Clarify Your Next Steps:

Often, people don’t know what the next level requires. Remember, what skills and knowledge that got you to your current career stage may not be enough to move your career forward.

Enhance Productivity and Your Professional Brand:

The purpose is to create a plan that implements process and performance goals that align with your well-informed career outcome goal.  When you know how to focus your energy every day you will know when to say yes or no to a new assignment or opportunity.

Are your career choices pointing you towards your ultimate career goal? What knowledge are you missing? What relationships are crucial? What do you want people saying when you aren’t in the room? These questions are just a few of what a career board should help you answer.


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