Fighting Stereotypes

Fighting Stereotypes

Black Women from our Hustle to Fighting Stereotypes

As we watched Megan Markle become Duchess of Sussex we, along with her, saw how as a Black Women she still had to overcome stereotypes.  Check out this article from Essence that highlights how Duchess Megan is making her own rules and mastering a new hustle.

Essence Article

  1. Salute to Our Mothers
  2. Lean on Your Squad (We, here at The Bella Network call it a Tribe)
  3. Fight Stereotypes
  4. Leverage Our Skills
  5. Write Our Own Rules

The bigger question is does this change things for black women? Megan is a feminist and philanthropist and was a talented actress that may have a lot in common with many black women.  Yet, is she the beacon of hope for Black Women around the world or specifically here in America?

Black women are two times more likely than white women to never marry. Black women continually find themselves at the bottom of the preference list. Her lighter features and a long list of non-black friends may even make her seem “different” to non-black America.  As we watched the preparation for the wedding no one seemed to question the lack of her Mom’s family is included.  They seemed a non-factor.  Even black America didn’t seem to question them being left out.

We are happy for Megan and the new couple but for all the sea of black faces at the wedding, they were mostly there as support staff – working.

We applaud one black woman’s hustle and we are excited to see how she leverages her new role. Our hope is that she brings awareness to overcome the stereotypes of black women as she engages with the world.  However, again I point, out that black people only matter when they matter to black people first.

Check out this article written in 2016 – Black Women Doctors Fighting Stereotypes




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