Entrepreneurship Panel – Getting Our Fair Share

Entrepreneurship Panel – Getting Our Fair Share

Sharing a message from the office of the Board of Equalization

Member Jerome E. Horton’s office (3rd District):

Jerome Horton participated on the Entrepreneurship panel at the 1st Annual Community Resource Fair presented by United Hood Nation (in collaboration with SEIU 1000) held on August 18, 2017, at the Church of Scientology Community Center in Los Angeles.
The event, with the theme of “Getting Our Fair Share,” provided attendees with the opportunity to interact with service providers and government officials who shared valuable information and resources to help improve their health, education, and quality of life.

Member Horton served as one of four panelists on the Entrepreneurship Panel, alongside Joseph Rouzan, Executive Director of Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation, who encouraged effective program planning, project development, and implementation.
 “I have always looked for ways to create economic and career opportunities throughout Los Angeles, and I hope today we can continue creating those opportunities,” said Rouzan. 
Mary Sutton, Communications Assistant at Antioch University, shared the benefits and business of starting worker cooperatives, a broader movement to create sustainable local economies that brings money home and recirculates the wealth to rebuild communities and create healthy environments.
Rick Hodge, Dean of the Career Technical Department at Los Angeles Southwest College, discussed the events and services they provide to the small business community that serve the critical lifelong knowledge, training, and skill development needs of individuals, organizations, and community initiatives that support economic and workforce development.
Board Member Horton represented the business sector, and discussed the importance of entrepreneurs to the economy and job creation. 
Horton encouraged entrepreneurs to get engaged and take advantage of various state tax credits, capitalize on potential funding programs and engage with the decision makers. (Click here for more information on tax incentive programs and other resources)
“I encourage all potential entrepreneurs and community/faith-based/private organization representatives to exchange information and collaborate together so these partnerships can stimulate our economy” said Horton.

United Hood Nation is a gang intervention coalition consisting of clergy, gang intervention activists, and victims of gang violence. Its mission is to create peaceful, healthy, and economically sustainable neighborhoods through gang intervention and prevention, education, entrepreneurship, and jobs.

Click here for more information on tax incentive programs and other resources. 

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