5 Career Lessons to Learn from Playing Poker

5 Career Lessons to Learn from Playing Poker

Gaming continues to be a popular activity all over the country. In fact, a survey last year found that 46% of Americans played blackjack, roulette, or poker in casinos. The latter is particularly popular for those who enjoy thrilling and stimulating games.

What poker players may not know is that these challenging games could actually be teaching them valuable lessons for their careers. Beyond the chips and winnings, playing poker can result in some in some of the most important lessons you can apply in the office. That being said, we’ve rounded up five of the best ones below.

1. Stay Focused

With the never-ending hustle and bustle in the workplace, it’s key for you to stay focused. However, findings from a recent Udemy survey showed that 70% of workers get easily distracted during work hours. That’s why you can take a page from a skilled poker player’s playbook, staying disciplined when approaching your tasks. 

Professional players are always focused on the cards laid out in front of them, the hand they’re dealt with, and the body language of their competitors. When you stay focused like a poker player, you will be able to produce better results not only at work but also for your company.

2. Think Rationally

With the game being so unpredictable, poker players know the importance of making wise decisions. For example, they aren’t afraid to take their time when it comes to choosing between calling or folding. This is because rational thinking is imperative for you to properly analyze a situation, which we previously shared in our ‘Women’s Potentialities Boom in Vegas Casinos’ post. Applying this thought process at work can do you a world of good, as a clearer mind towards to making wiser decisions.

3. Fuel Your Passion

When you’re thinking about strategies and competition, it can be hard to remember that you’re also supposed to enjoy life. This is something highlighted by the humorous posts on tactics and hands by PPPoker’s official Twitter account, which just goes to show that you can have fun while staying on track towards success. After all, no matter what hand you’re dealt with by the dealer and by life, there’s always a way to find the brighter side to a situation.

While playing poker is a serious game that involves high-stakes, one of the main reasons why players always find their way back to the table is the enjoyment they experience. And this applies to your job as well, as having the right attitude is required to be successful.

4. Stay Calm Under Pressure

Another thing that you should be aware of is the rising rates of stress and anxiety among Americans in the workplace. In the event that you start to feel stressed or anxious, you can take a cue from poker players who remain calm during stressful situations. They do this because they know that breaking down won’t help them assess the problem suitably. With a peaceful mind, you can diligently assume your roles and responsibilities should a setback arise.

5. Understand the Way People Work

Apart from the tasks we’re assigned on a daily basis, work can also be draining when you have to deal with other employees you might not get along with. But, we should be wary of this, as criticizing others or comparing yourself to them can become a dangerous distraction.

Poker players also play in tense environments, as they cannot fully communicate with their opponents. Yet, they don’t let this restriction push them off track. Instead, they’ve mastered the art of learning the psychology of reading people to understand what they’re thinking or feeling. By being able to read people, you can help yourself to become a better team player at work. 

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