Your Hair In Corporate America, What Your Need To Know!

Your Hair In Corporate America, What Your Need To Know!
Your Hair In Corporate America, What Your Need To Know!

What do you think about the ruling on prohibiting dreadlocks? Did you know that it is LEGAL for companies to refuse employment based on hairstyles?

Should hairstyles be protected from bias?

In 2010, a company rescinded their offer of employment after a black woman refused to change her hair from dreadlocks.  A race discrimination lawsuit was filed, but multiple judges have upheld the ruling from 2013 that claims that such hairstyle policies do not violate federal anti-discrimination laws because it is a choice and is changeable.  Many successful black women have climbed the corporate ladder with Afrocentric styles, but most admit to comments or questions about their choice in hairstyle.

Is it a sell out to change your style to get an opportunity at a company?

I don’t think you’re selling out if you change your style to fit the corporate climate of a particular industry or company. Especially, when you take into consideration, that career opportunity for black women is already limited.  I think the goal should be to enter into a company, climb the corporate ladder and then position yourself as an executive to lead the change.  Unfortunately, there are still companies and leaders that aren’t embracing and are still biased, but it is far easier to change perceptions from the inside than from the outside.

There are so many hair styles that African-American women can rock.  Take a look at 25 professional natural hairstyles for the workplace.

What are your comments?  What do you think about the ruling?  I’m sure you have an opinion, and we want to hear from you.  Also, we must consider that this ruling affects black men as well.  They are now more likely to rock dreadlock hairstyles as well.

What I think is so amazing is that we see colored hair in corporate America.  Seems like that would also challenge “professional” style trends.  What do you think?

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