Don’t Let Time Rule Your Day, Rule Your Time

Don’t Let Time Rule Your Day, Rule Your Time

Don’t Let Time Rule Your Day, Rule Your Time

We all want to make a difference and achieve our high-priority goals, but we are drowning in emails, social-media alerts, meetings, competing task, family commitments and burn out.  How can we deal with work, social and family priorities that threaten our ability to think clearly and achieve extraordinary results?

Learn the five keys to successful time management?

What do you do all day every day?

Key #1:  Assess Your Time – Figure out where you spend your time?  What activities are urgent, and important. Spend a week jotting down what you actually do during the week hour by hour.

How do you know when to say yes or no?

Key #2: Make Educated and Conscious Choices – We are a product of our choices, not our circumstances.  If we know what will directly lead to accomplishing our goals we can focus on achieving the goals and making educated choices on activities.

What are your important and urgent task?

Key #3: Manage Your Schedule –  Work will fill whatever time you give it so limit your time on non urgent and non important task. Know that only about 20% of your task are critical.

Are you a multitasker where you do multiple task at a time?

Key #4: Focus on one task at a time – Stop multitasking so that you don’t have to recalculate and determine where you left off and what steps are still required.

How do you schedule important and urgent task?

Key #5: Schedule the important task first – Make sure you can give them the required time before you move onto other task.

Don't let time rule your day, rule your timeLearn Five Keys to Successful Time Management

Posted by Alisha White Madison on Saturday, April 22, 2017



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