Yes, You Can Do All Things..

Yes, You Can Do All Things..

Remember, you shouldn’t expect to do all the things by yourself. Even Jesus had a tribe of disciples. As a matter of fact, he had twelve. They were his closest helpers and companions. They had different skills and different roles.

Here at The Bella Network, we have a tribe of women from various disciplines and levels. We know that learning to manage office politics will make us better leaders, and we aren’t required to learn those lessons on our own. Our goal is to share wisdom and best practices so that the next generation can move further up the ladder quicker.

Yes, you can do all things through Christ, who strengthens you or gives you strength by yourself. Yet, how much more productive are you with the relationships and connections of your tribe. Who are your disciples?

Try it out and let me know if you can do more with the help of others or by yourself. Reach out to us at We would love to hear and share your story.

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