In The News – Starbucks Manager Demonstrates Unconscious Bias

In The News – Starbucks Manager Demonstrates Unconscious Bias

Starbucks Manager Demonstrates Unconscious Bias

Two Black Men are Forcibly Removed from Starbucks

It’s important that we add some chatter around the current Starbucks incident.  The former Starbuck’s manager was being her authentic self when she allowed her conscious or unconscious biases to make the decision to call the police on two black men seeking to use the restroom.  She allowed her values, vision of the world and concept of leadership to lead her decision.

Now Starbucks is realizing the impact of allowing their managers or employees to determine on their own how to reflect the Starbucks brand.  How many of you feel that it is ok to let your employees be authentic in how they reflect your brand?  Leading a business requires you to have a great vision but also to provide values, and image requirements that reflect your BRAND,  not your employees brand. 


Bringing your authentic self to work means to bring all your skills, talents and ideas to work.  It doesn’t mean you should be able to impose your values, desires or taste. 


Do you really think it’s ok for people to show up to work representing their own brand (values, image, biases)?


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