What’s the Purpose of Our Women’s Leadership Conference?

What’s the Purpose of Our Women’s Leadership Conference?

Purpose of The Bella Network’s Annual Women’s Leadership Conference

On Thursday, October 20, 2016, The Bella Network, LLC convened a Women’s Conference and Retreat at Hotel Maya in Long Beach, California where they brought high caliber professional and entrepreneurial women together to build professional relationships and grow both personally and professionally.  The theme of the conference was “A Beautiful SYNERGY 2016”. The overall message was that we can do more together supporting each other than we can trying to stand alone.

2016 was The Bella Network’s inaugural year for this conference.  Over the last six years, the founder, Alisha White Madison, had hosted private networking events with between 75 and 130 people in attendance at her home. The core focus at these events was networking with like-minds to develop business partnerships and collaborations. With the nudging of many participants in these events she founded The Bella Network, LLC in 2016.

Question: What is the point of the first session at The Bella Network Women’s Leadership Conference?

Life-Reimagined sponsored by AARP    Instructors:  Erica Williams-Rogers & Alisha White Madison

The point of the session is to get everyone into perspective that we are the owner of our lives. We are the architects of who we are and who we want to become.  Our goal with The Bella Network is to assist the participants with defining the resources and the tools to achieve how we fully understand ourselves or who we want to become authentically.

Building A Beautiful Synergy

The Bella Network is all about support, empowerment, inspiration, encouragement, and providing resources that uplift us to where we desire to achieve in our quest for business success.  We are also about women finding other likeminded women so that we can create strong partnerships and stop the cycle of solo-entrepreneurs.

The ultimate goal is to help women to achieve their desired level of success by removing, overcoming or climbing the barriers with the understanding that we can accomplish more working together and helping each other.

We are starting out the conference and this session really thinking about where are we and where do we want to go, which includes shat do we need.  What or who we need may be in this room.  So this gives our participants an opportunity over the next three days to really connect with each.  We will get to see how we think, how we solve problems, how we handle difficult situation and how we behave professionally.  The outcome will help us to be able to move forward not only in terms of where we want to go with our careers and businesses but it may also be an opportunity for the participants to assist someone else.

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