How to Become Insanely Well Connected

How to Become Insanely Well Connected

How to Become Insanely Well Connected

Check out the article on How to Become Insanely Well Connected.  The article aligns with the preaching and teaching of The Bella Network.

They offer their seven rules for making memorable connections where your energy is more important than a new idea, referral or introduction:

  • Convey genuine appreciation

How do people feel when you walk in the room? Do you leave people feeling appreciated, respected, honored and valued? Are you so focused on your agenda that others walk away feeling used or bullied by your ego? People want to feel that you are invested in them and happy to be in their presence and hear what is going on with them.  Not just focused on YOU!

  • Listen with intent

Everyone that spends any time with me knows that this is one of my biggest challenges but I also work the hardest at ensuring that I’m improving my listening skills every day.  As women, we talk more than men and sometimes we talk too much.  If we don’t allow others to share knowledge and information we aren’t learning.  Silence can be golden.  If you are the smartest in the room than you are in the wrong room.

  • Use humility markers
“Acknowledging your own fallibility and human imperfection can go a long way toward making yourself relatable.”

As women, we do need to build ourselves up to ensure a level of confidence but we don’t need to explain why we’re important or how we are going to be helpful. Our theme for this year’s conference is focusing on building bridges between your experience and other women so there are points of recognition and connection.  We have endured years of shared struggles and challenges so we need to rebuild our deteriorated bridges and find new ways of connecting and collaborating.

  • Offer unvarnished honesty

Sure, women are cautious about uncomfortable exchange or the risk of being disliked but we need to create relationships with people who will give us the truth.  Honest feedback is critical towards helping us grow but we also need to know how to offer honest feedback in a compassionate and empathetic way.

  • Blue-sky brainstorm

People who can inspire others to think and develop new ideas in an unrestrained discussion are valuable to any professional relationship.  It seems easy but it isn’t.  Most people steer towards analysis, discussion, or criticism of the aired ideas.  Avoiding evaluation discussions is a skill set that most haven’t mastered as facilitators of brainstorming sessions.

  • End with the feeling and optimism you want the next conversation with them to start with

You know people that the entire energy of the room changes when they arrive.  Some people create an air of jubilation while others a feeling of contempt.  You should look at every connection from the perspective that you will meet again.  How do you want people to react to you?  What do you want them to feel when they see you?  As someone who isn’t responsive, who doesn’t live up to their commitment or someone you can count on to be consistently professional.  Every interaction you have, either in person or not leaves an impression that impacts your brand, and your company’s brand.

  • Don’t fake it till you make it

I’ve been telling women for years to stop FAKING it.  It closes the door to the assistance that you may require. If no one knows you need help, don’t complain that help doesn’t come.  Also, it is too easy to validate when people are overstating their credentials with the internet. People rather help someone they care about than someone who appears to have it all. Stop trying to appear perfect.  Just be human!

The best way to be highly influential is to be human to everyone you meet.

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